Think you're "too old?" Think again.

I recently attended an engineering seminar. Clarification: I am not an engineer. Not even a little bit. 

I'm a pre-kindergarten and lower school principal. I work with little kids all day. I tie shoes and wipe tears and referee disagreements. I marvel over lost teeth, hair cuts and new glasses. I clean up messes, get sticky hugs and have my sweaters used as Kleenex while I'm wearing them.

I function very well in a world where the scale of difficulty for math tops out at division with remainders. 

Being in a room full of young educators, young business owners and young engineers at the seminar was exciting...and overwhelming. It was painfully obvious that they were way beyond division with remainders. 

I saw the covert side glances that said, "Geez, what's grandma doing here?" Well, grandma wants to start an engineering program for elementary students and thought it would be a good idea to understand more about how to do that.

It was fascinating. I learned about maker spaces and Fab Labs and 3-D printers. I learned about digital machining and that a Raspberry Pi has nothing to do with dessert. 

But the most valuable thing I learned had nothing to do with engineering.

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